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RoboCup 2011
Istanbul Turkey

FIFA World Cup 2014




UTS Unleashed! is a wildly successful Robot Soccer Team at the University of Technology Sydney. In 2008 we joined forces with the University of Science and Technology China to create the new WrightEagle Unleashed! Team. We competed at RoboCup 2008 with AIBO robots and were Runners Up. In 2010 we upgraded to NAO robots in less than 3 months for RoboCup 2010 where we achieved 9th ranking in the Scientific Challenges.

We conducted some exhibition matches at CHINA SCIENCE WEEK 2006. You can check out a video clip captured on Chinese Television. We were the first robot soccer team to be invited to China. In November 2006 the team participated in an International Robot Soccer Exhibition in Perth.

We won the 2004 RoboCup Australian Robot Soccer Open in April and were the top International Team in 2004 at Robot Soccer World Cup where we came first in the Soccer Challenges and second in the Soccer Games. The best overall performance of any team in 2004. You can check out our trackrecord if you are interested in knowing more ...

We focus on building innovative approaches to robot soccer. We were the first team to introduce dodging into the four-legged league and are one of the few teams that can pass during matches. We can execute both deliberate and opportunistic passes.

Our research focuses on the following topics:



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