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We have had several teams and information about our 2010 team can be found at WrightEagle Unleashed!

UTS Unleashed! were the Australian Robot Soccer Champions in 2004 and we won the Scientific Challenges and came Second Place in the Soccer.

The Robot Soccer World Cup took place in Singapore in 2010. The vision of the Robot Soccer World Cup is to build a team of robots capable of playing and winning against the Human FIFA World Champions in 2050. The Championship has two components: A set of Technical Challenges and a Soccer Competition. The purpose of the Challenges is to set tasks that are challenging for current research and if achieved will move the field forward towards beating a world class team of humans in 2050.

UTS Unleashed! were undefeated and topped their round robin group in the Soccer Competition in 2004 beating Carnegie Mellon University 4-2, Portugal 4-2, The Netherlands 4-2, Griffith University 15-0 and Mexico 10-0. They beat the UNSW-NICTA team 9-1 in the Quarterfinals and the University of Pennsylvania 5-1 in the Semifinals to reach the Finals where they were narrowly beaten by the National German Team in a fiercely contested match that could have gone either way from 2-2 half time score line.

UTS Unleashed! then went on to win the Technical Challenges beating the National German Team who came 7th. The National German Team are one of the most innovative teams in the league.

UTS Unleashed! was the first team to use dodging in the league's history and not only effected the best pass in the tournament but scored the most goals in a match at the Robot Soccer World Cup 2004! Since 2004 UTS Unleashed! has conducted guest apearances at China Science Week and competed at RoboCup 2008 and RoboCup 2010.

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